Monday, July 14, 2008

I feel :)

Got this msg when i logged in... its from somebody whom i know i met before but dont exactly remember who she is....

I quote :-

Hi, I was at SH & B's wedding and helped out as the coordinator-cum-jiemei. Your photos really capture the moments (Or at least you make sure you capture touching moments by creating them on the spot.. hee) and there are so many that touch my heart. Think you are truly creative and deserves high praise and commendation! :) To anyone reading this and thinking of getting Alvin as the photographer for your wedding, I highly recommend him! His works already speak volumes... :)"

PY... whoever you are... i am grateful of your kind words... n it is appreciation like this that kept me going... :) ... THANK YOU :)


py said...

Haha, you're very welcome! You do deserve the praise. Can't believe you posted my entire comment on your blog though :) I was the one who fed the groom brinjal b4 passing the whole bowl to the xiong dis at the gate of the SH's place. Haha.. Nonetheless, keep up the good work! I think you can consider sending some of the shots for contests already (WPJA?) :)

Alvin Foo said...

Oh... now i know who u are.. :)
your comment is really encouraging... im still in the learning process... WPJA will be a goal for me... but not anytime sooner.. cuz they only accept professional wedding photographer... for me.. maybe in the near future.. who knows... :)
Its really nice meeting you!
Take care.. n hope we meet again in others wedding :)...

py said...

I see, but yes, I believe you will get there! So hang in there (in the meantime) and continue producing great works! :) Who knows, I might engage you for my wedding someday.. Haha.. Take care too!