Friday, April 10, 2009

Eng Ann & Pey Gee... Xpresshighlight

This is one wedding that i would go an extra mile to get the job done, not that i don't do it for the rest... but they are 1 couple that deserve slightly more :)... Eng Ann & Pey Gee had engaged my service about 1 year ago... giving me complete trust and freedom to do what i want... how could i not do more for them.. :)

Having a bunch of savvy groomsmen in white and okley sunglasses... they looked really cool... going against the lovely group of bridesmaid... things could only go crazy.. n its really got me excited :P... it got so crazy during the end of the gatecrashing that i unknowingly hurt my toe... felt the pain.. but didnt have the time to check it out until i reached home to do up the Xpresshighlight... its bleeding... *sweat*... but seriously i did not even have the time to feel the pain.. having only 4 hrs to do up the highlight... before i know.. its time to rush back to the hotel...

During the screening of the Xpresshighlight, the laughters and thunderous applause from the audience really gave me a great sense of satisfaction... the blood n sweat... :P .. its all worthwhile.. :)

So with my bruised toe :P ... i present to you the Xpresshighlight (Still + Motion) of Eng Ann & Pey Gee..

Do stay tune for the rest of the images... :)

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