Monday, June 28, 2010

A Two of Two Teaser!!!

Here is a groom who was once the brother for my couple, Ritchie & Hui Wei. This time round... it was an honor to see him tying the knot with his sweet and lovely bride, Irene. Being a photography enthusiast himself... Darrell sure knows what he is looking for.. but i must said.. Irene is a better poser than him... :P

Check out the teaser!!!

It was a pleasure shooting along side with videographer, Kevin from Yappies Production.

A One Of Two Teaser!!!

A gorgeous looking bride who reminds me of a mediacrop celebrity... matched with a good looking groom and a couple of bubbly.. fun loving bridesmaids and groomsmen.. things couldnt get any better... sure i enjoyed myself documenting the matrimony of Junping & Peijing...
So here is the 1st of 2 wedding over the weekend... check out the tesaer!! :)

The lovely couple with your truly me.... :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

TGIF!!! Busy weekend ahead!! :)

As a wedding photographer... i have seen lots of wedding gowns... but getting one for our own... it's never any easier... :) i know it's the one when it truly impress me...
so we are still shopping!! :)

Bridal shop are pretty competitive nowadays... didn't like their hard selling tactic.. looking at their album... i am so proud of mine :) glad that i am a wedding photographer... woohooo! :)

Thank God It's Friday!! :)
Gonna be a busy busy weekend for me... 2 wedding in a row!!!
I am recharged and ready to gooo... so stay tune for the wonderful images... :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gabriel & Angela... Sneak Preview...

This is a wedding that resemble one that i hv documented some time ago... a beautiful Hong Kong bride and a bubbly Singaporean groom... sound familiar?? :)

So here you go.. a little sneak peek for all the beautiful people i've met on that lovely day...
check it out!! :) (More on Facebook)









(More on Facebook)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Challenging Satisfaction - Teaser!!!

Here is a little teaser from yesterday wedding... an exciting one filled with many surprises... the couple must have put in lots of effort.. :)

It was a challenging one for me too... having to work with people who doesn't seem to be aware that they are not transparent.. *big headache*... there were 2 of them... one on left and the other on the right... gosh... all i have to said is... choose the right videographer... a good corporate videographer may not actually be a good wedding videographer!!

Nevertheless.. the greater the challenges... the bigger the satisfaction.. :) So here you go... specially for the ever lovely newly wed, Kelvyn & Eswari.... :)

Stay tune for more!! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nice Picture on Nice Canvas!!

Just received our very first Fine Art Canvas Prints... :)
Love the way it turned out... Love the texture... exactly how i wanted it to be... swee!

Cant wait to share it with the featured couple... :)

We will be offering various sizes of canvas at a very attractive price if you sign up with us...
so don't hesitate... drop us a mail... :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kevin & Nancy... Sneak Preview...

It is never easy planning a wedding... trust me!! i know.. cuz i am planning mine... :) n yes it is tough... *sweat* :P

Went through the images from Kevin & Nancy wedding... They must have put in lots of effort in planning... :) Kevin & Nancy... while you are enjoying yourself in a well deserved honeymoon in Europe... here is a sneak peek into your beautiful wedding ceremony... (More on Facebook)

Check it out... :)















Our hardworking Associate Photographer, Desmond... n Videographer, Ernest from Mirorcreation.... these guys rock!!! :)


In the midst of shooting this beautiful wedding... i received a called from my dearest fiancee.. :) "We got our dream home" i was told... :) Because of work.... i couldn't be with her... struggling with the negotiation and bidding.... it must be tough... Well done dear!! :)