Monday, January 31, 2011

A Rainy Wedding Day...

Having witnessed Andy & Joleen solemnization abt 2 year ago... i was given another opportunity to once again capture the photos for their AD wedding... The rain changed our plan a little... but no amount of water could dampen the spirits of these 2 lovely people...

Here one teaser taken under the shelter.... right at the corridor to be exact... :)

Stay tune for more images from this beautiful wedding.. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Andy & Joelle... Sneak Preview!!!

We are currently so overwhelmed by work that we are even backlogging our sneak peek...
With CNY approaching... it is only right to get these beautiful images out.. :) so without further ado.. here are the images from our lovely couple Andy & Joelle wedding...











More images on Facebook!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What keep me going?!!

This is what keep me going when the going gets tough... :)

" Hi Alvin,
Thank you so much for your help that day! We really enjoyed working with you. My parents are full of praise for you and Desmond, and mentioned that you went out of your way to advise them on the wedding customs. My friends were very comfortable with you as everything was very natural and un-posed.
I love the picture you have posted up! Who would have thought that anyone would be watching us! It's simply beautiful! We can't wait to see the rest of your awesome work, I'm sure it'll be amazing!
Thank you so so so much for covering our event!!!
Ray and Wan'er "

Ray & Wan'er - Thanks so much for the kind words!! :) We enjoyed ourselves too..
You guys have been such a wonderful couple to work with!! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A "Back to School" Wedding

Since the couple met each other in school... nothing suit better than "a back to school" theme. All details from the gatecrashing to the dinner reception was set upon this theme... they even had those old school name tags for everyone... Kudos to Ray & Wan'er for planning such a wonderful wedding... it just show how much love they have for one another...

So for the lovely couple and all the beautiful people i met... here is a little teaser... one taken through the gap of the door... right before their march in... no direction involved... so it's as journalistic as it can be.. :)

Here is the Still+Motion Xpresshighlight...
Check it out!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Reunion of Old Pals... Wedding of Andrew & Su Ann.

Early last year, Su Ann, a classmate of mine from my early biomedical days, approached me thru facebook enquiring about my services. I knew then that this is gonna be a wedding with many familiar faces... And indeed it was like a mini reunion... many were surprise that i am even shooting photos now... hmm.. but i thought i always have that creative vibe in school... :P nevertheless... it was truly an honor to be engaged by Su Ann and her lovely husband Andrew... :)

So for the lovely couple and all my dear old friends... here is a little teaser from their beautiful wedding ceremony.. :)

Very rarely would i be in a table shot... but here is one exceptional...

And of course... here is the usual "Barely Make It In Time" Xpresshighlight... :)
It was physically draining doing xpresshighlight but the end result is truly satisfying...

For those who missed it... Check it out.. :)

Stay tune for more beautiful images!! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Teaser for Andy & Joelle//Make it 2+1 (Updated)!!!

This is one of the 2 wedding i hv done over last weekend...
it was tough... physically exhausting!! but yet satisfying... :P cuz i know i survived yet another back to back wedding.. phew!! :)

I guess Andy and Joelle must be enjoying their well deserved honeymoon now... :) n if you guys are reading this... thanks so much for having me at your wedding... both of you hv been great!! :)
here is a little teaser for you and all the beautiful people i met...

Lets make it 2+1!! :)

Here is an interesting shot of me, in film, on location, courtesy of April (Joelle's Bridesmaid).
Gosh!! i juz love the effect... nice one April.. :)

Stay tune for more lovely images!! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chris & Claire... Still+Motion!!

The simpler the wedding ceremony... the more challenging it becomes for me... but it is also always satisfying... You will never get bored doing what you love doing!

Check out the Still+Motion video of Chris & Claire wedding ceremony.. :)

Chris & Claire - i will see both of you soon!!! :)