Monday, January 10, 2011

A Teaser for Andy & Joelle//Make it 2+1 (Updated)!!!

This is one of the 2 wedding i hv done over last weekend...
it was tough... physically exhausting!! but yet satisfying... :P cuz i know i survived yet another back to back wedding.. phew!! :)

I guess Andy and Joelle must be enjoying their well deserved honeymoon now... :) n if you guys are reading this... thanks so much for having me at your wedding... both of you hv been great!! :)
here is a little teaser for you and all the beautiful people i met...

Lets make it 2+1!! :)

Here is an interesting shot of me, in film, on location, courtesy of April (Joelle's Bridesmaid).
Gosh!! i juz love the effect... nice one April.. :)

Stay tune for more lovely images!! :)

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