Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised!.. :)

Had a tiring but fulfilling coverage yesterday... n i am pretty proud that i went thru the day without a meal (ok... maybe a handful of peanuts) :)... though the couple.. Chee Chong & Yvonne are really kind to have a seat arranged for me during the banquet.. only that it was taken up by a baby pram... didn't want to trouble the couple... really appreciate the thought... :)

Both of them are really thoughtful and juz like them... their bridesmaids and groomsmen are equally as fun and easy-going... some hv travelled all the way down from Malaysia... I was pleasantly surprised during the thank you speech... when Yvonne actually included me in it... really touched... :)

Have prepared the Xpresshighlight.... n as usual... its really stressful... i only barely made it... burning the DVD while i took a shower... once its done.. its time to head to the hotel.... no break at all... but i guess for such a wonderful couple... its all worthwhile.... :) 

Chee Chong & Yvonne : Thanks for being such a wonderful couple n i will get in touch with you once the album is done... till then take care..... :)

Have another shoot later.... an indian ceremony... something different... :) i am recharged and ready to go!!  :)


cheechong and yvonne said...

Hi Alvin, thanks for all your hard work in making the xpress highlight in time for us. it's very lively, both of us like it very much!! i believe our guests enjoyed it as much as we do. :)

look forward to see the rest of your work.. :) keep us inform!!

Alvin Foo said...

Thanks Chee Chong & Yvonne... it's definitely my pleasure to be able to document the process for both of you... :) n i am really glad that you like the highlight... :)

Do stay tune for more... coming soon.. :P Take care!