Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010 & Welcome 2011!!!

It felt like it was only yesterday when i was cracking over what to write for the last post of the year.. and that was for 2009...
This year... 2010 was a special one for me... a life changing one.. :) It might not be a good year for the wedding industry... but i am just thankful that i am still able to survive in this very saturated market... many have come and go...
I would credit this to all our super supportive couples and "fans" who have been there for us through the years...
I could not be any more grateful for what i have... and i am ever more ready for what is ahead for me... So 2011 here i come!!! :)


Here is what in-store for 2011!!!

We have set up a little home gallery for photography. Which mean no more meet up in Starbuck... Woohoo!! :)


Leading from our dining area...


A wider view of our little workspace... this is also where we work on all the beautiful images...


So from all of us at photography... Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)


In early 2010 we started our facebook page... and we have garnered abt 300 plus likes so far... Since we do not subscript to "pay per click" or any other form of advertising.. we are grateful to those who have click the like button because this is our only channel to reach out and you are that important link... :)

So if you like our work... click like and spread the love!!! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A "I am alive & busy" Post....

I have been neglecting this blog recently... we are just too busy this time of the year... 2010 is ending soon and i am trying my mighty best to clear all backlogs... *finger crossed* :)

Here is one that i like from a not so recently wedding.. :)

Stay tune!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daniel & Yiqin... Sneak Preview!!

Finally we have officially moved into our new place... :) we will come into that later with more pics.. :P

For now.. here is a little sneak peek into the wedding of Daniel & Yiqin... another beautiful wedding with great companies... shooting a wedding is so much more fun with nice people around.. :) So here you go... from the desk of my new home gallery.. i presents to you the sneak preview of Daniel & Yiqin beautiful wedding ceremony... :)













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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patrick & Valen... Still+Motion!!

It has been a busy week for me... the hectic schedule of shooting, editing and also the crazy preparation for our grand move in... i just hope that i have more than a 24 hrs day...

I felt really bad that i couldn't deliver out album for couples before christmas... not just because of the mountain load of backlogs that i am facing but also partly due to the heavy workload of my trusted album maker... their turnaround time is super long for this peak season..*sweat*

I am just glad that most of my couples are understanding.. For one such couple.... Patrick and Valen.. i am grateful for their kind patience... both of them have been really wonderful :)
So without further ado... here is the long awaited Still+Motion video...

Stay tune for more of updates!! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

One Early Morning...

This was one of those early Teochew wedding... but lucky for me... i wasn't needed till 6am... :) The challenge of shooting such an early wedding is all about the lights... i really need to make full use of all available light source to get that image... big challenge comes great satisfaction... :) n that is what make it fun!!

Met lots of nice people in this wedding too... so for all of them and the lovely couple... Here is a little teaser from the wedding of Eu Jin & Kerrine...

Your truly and the always-radiant newly wed.. Kerrine & Eu jin...

Stay tune for more images from this beautiful wedding!! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Rambling & a Wedding Teaser...

Haven't been updating my blog for a while...
In the midst of shooting wedding, i am also trying to clear my backlogs... which by the way are starting to pile up again.... 24 hrs just doesn't seem enough... i really appreciate the kind patience of all our couple waiting for their album.. :) Thank You so much!! :)
Anyway... what is a wedding blog without the pretty wedding picture... :) here is a little teaser from a recently wedding... had a great time documenting this beautiful ceremony... the matrimony of a bubbly bride and her gentle "Da Niu"... the wedding teaser of Daniel & Yiqin... :)

Myself, the lovely couple.. Daniel & Yiqin and our all time preferred wedding videographer, Ernest Chua of Miror Creations.

Stay tune for my more images.... :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Unintentionally Sweet Moment...

Photo taken without any permission.... :P
So it's as journalistic as it could be... love it to the bits... :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eden of Love...

After a fruitful day of image editing... Here is one i called
Eden of Love!!! :)


Busy week ahead.... Stay tune for more!! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raymond & Rachel... Sneak Preview!!

It was through the wedding photos of Rachel primary school friend that she got to know about my work... and coincidentally, i have also shot the wedding of one of her another colleague. What a small world.. :) Good for me!!... because we got to know another pair of super lovely and wonderful couple... i certainly enjoyed myself at the wedding... who wouldn't... we are so well taken care off... and no "table shoot" for me... :P

Check out the sneak peek.. :)











more images on facebook!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simply photos of people in love!!

Albums out!!... & i could finally slow down my pace slightly...
i was going through some of past couples slideshow... (yes, i do watch them over n over again) i realized that there are lots of changes over the years... it may be good in a way but still... nothing beats what i set out to do when i first started out in wedding photography... that is to capture the beautiful images thru my heart... it shldn't be complicated...

There maybe lots of distraction in between... lots of desire to create that winning shot... i just need to "Focus"... like i say... its nothing complicated... its simply photos of people in love & people we love!!

Chris & Claire are two person so much in love with one other... and here are the sneak peek into the wedding of these two people we really love... :)

A simple wedding affair with no gate crashing... just plenty of love!!! :)














Stay tune for more!! :)