Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is photo important?

hmm... what do you think??
i have friends who dont even bother abt having a photographer at their wedding.. but then again ... the wedding ceremony itself is a chore to them... juz gonna go thru it... so might as well get uncle sam or buddy wong who have juz bought a DSLR to do the job... anyway all wedding juz need a cameraman rite?..

i have also met people who went through every single details for their wedding day... making sure everything is perfect... as busy as it may be... the couple enjoyed the process of planning their once in the lifetime ceremony... n no doubt.. they gonna get a good photographer to document it before its over...

so which group do you belong to?... :)

a spilt second moment... 
captured n documented by an aspiring wedding photographer (me) :P..

So if you are planning your wedding... take your side... make the right choice... :)

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