Sunday, October 19, 2008


Juz got back from the wedding of Jai & Shasirekha, this is my first indian wedding and it has been a back to back shoot. 1 more to go nxt week, n its really tiring. But im still really glad that i was there to document such a wonderful wedding.

When i first received an email from Jai who was in the States, i was quite excited that this is gonna be something different. But as some of you may know, i can only do a limited no. of weddings each month. So i really thought I might not be able to take up this wedding. However, i got to know that Jai had actually engaged a photographer but he thought of forfeiting his deposit and drop him for my service. How am i gonna refuse a client who have so much faith in my work and allows me to do what i do best.

So here u go, a teaser from today's wedding.


Stay tune for more! :)

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