Sunday, November 9, 2008

Album Updates!

2 albums out.... more on the way *sweat*.... :P

Here a peek of how my photostory album looks like...


These albums also come with a nicely designed box with my trademark... and 2 DVDs..

For 2009, i will be offering a premium album (magazine style photobook), if u think my photostory is nice... the photobook is definitely mind blowing... quality is top notch... 
Do drop me a mail ( if u wanna know more about this package... :)



Tan Kwee Lin said...

Hi Alvin,

All my wedding guests, family & friends who saw the pre-wedding & wedding photo albums you had done for us said they were perfect! The pictures were surreal, capturing the precious moments of the day so vividly; the laughter & joy came to life once again through your photos and dvd slideshows!

The overwhelmingly good comments from all guests were that the photos in the pre-wedding album made by you was simply much better in all ways as compared to the other album (made by my Bridal Shop). This is a testament to your gift & talent in photography boy!

Yaokang & I once again express our utmost sincere BIG THANKS to you!

Alvin Foo said...

Kwee Lin,

U r MOST WELCOME... :) ... really glad that both of u like the album... n Thanks for the kind words... really appreciate it... :)