Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We are back!!!

I am back!!! :) n still feeling the effect of Jet Lag...
my body is still operating on UK time... there is really no day or night for me now!! I guess it is gonna take awhile to adapt.. :)
Btw... the weather is killing me... r we having a heatwave crisis in Singapore?!..

Anyway.. for my very much neglected blog... here are some photos taken during one of our road trip to Stonehenge... It is about an hr drive from where we were staying... didnt really manage to get those "postcard" kind of photo because it was really crowded on a weekend... the cordon area is so wide that a close up shot is only possible with zoom lens... and that is really not my thing... so i guess if u wanna shoot nice photos.. going really early on a weekday with a good zoom lens would be better... but i must say driving through the scenic countryside and stopping over for a meal at one of their many "pit stop" along the highway is really an experience.. n would i do it again?! hell ya!!!.. :)





cheers :)

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