Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gavin & Ashley Wedding Xpresshighlight...

It had been a long & exhausting day... having to churn out the Xpresshighlight within that few hours is never easy... n having it done just in time to get to the hotel... there was really no time for a break... As stressful as it may be... it is rewarding to know that your work is much appreciated and well received by the couple and audiences.. :) It is also a pleasure working with Gavin & Ashley... a motivating factor to push myself further to the limit... :)

However, it is not all smooth sailing though... i was rather disappointed that the person controlling the laptop during the screening of the Xpresshighlight decided to skip the opening page and end credit of the video... It is not the lost of advertising opportunity that i am upset with but rather the due credit an artist deserved for the every effort he had put in to create that very masterpiece... So a lesson learned.. from the "School of Hardknock"... always give clear instruction to have it play from beginning to the end...

Nevertheless, I am glad that we were able to meet the couple expectation... n like i always said, working with such lovely people just make your job so much more enjoyable... :)

Check out the "Full Version" Still+Motion Xpresshighlight of Gavin & Ashley Wedding Day... :)

Do stay tune for more images from this lovely wedding!! :)

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