Monday, April 23, 2012

"The Occupied Space" Photographs...

Squatting is a phenomenon unique in this part of the world. Most of the squatters that i have met so far are decent people from Europe seeking a better life away from their impoverished hometown. Although only few of them work, those who does can't afford to pay rent. Even if they could,"why should they spent their hard earned money on rent", the squatters explained.

For 2 weeks, i have been working with a squatting community transforming a disused Fire Station into a social centre. While i admire their desire to contribute to society, this commitment is often overshadowed by their lust for boozes and late nights partying. Perhaps, this laid back and carefree attitude explained their misfit in society. 

However, as much as we may disagree with their way of life, we could not denial their existence. Often these are people living on the edge of our society and through this project, i hope to explore the positive side of this community and their essential needs for a living space.

Below are some of the images exhibited in "The Occupied Space" exhibition.

Right across the London Fire Brigade Headquarter, is the disused rear block Fire Station (on the right of the picture). The building has been disused since 2008 and is currently squatted by 30 squatters.

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