Thursday, February 16, 2012

Environmental Portraiture-The Selected Images.

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm often intrigue by the motivation behind all these demonstration and protest. Such mass movement seem to be very much part of life on this side of the world. So in-conjunction with my environmental portraiture assignment, i've decided to get in touch with some of the activists and demonstrators.

Maria Gallastegui, 53, an activist with ( Amazingly, she has been camping outside the House of Parliament since 2006. She is against the British government decision in going to war. She believes in peace and hope to get the government to listen and respect the people will.

Anas EL-Khani, 35, born in Syria, has been living in London most of his life. An activist with the (British Solidarity for Syria) movement. Demonstrating to raise awareness to the current situation in Syria. Hope the International Communities will increase pressure on the Syrian regime.

Mojahed, 32, Syrian, has been in the UK for 3 years. Demonstrating with his young son, to show solidarity with his fellow countrymen in Syria. He is very upset to see Syrian suffering and hope the British Government will do more to prevent further atrocity.

Very often, demonstration only work in number. The bigger the masses the larger the response, however, do not undermine the individual behind the facade. By putting a face and a little human touch, i hope to unveil the many stories that are often more powerful than the forces of number. This will be an on-going project...

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