Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Fusion & Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon :)

I mentioned previously that Indian ceremony is always so vibrant and vivid.... so imagine a ceremony with fusion of both indian and church rituals... it cant be any more interesting... :)

Documented the wedding of M & A yesterday.... A beautiful ceremony without the gatecrashing ... simple and cosy yet filled with so much fun and laughter shared among their family and friends.. definitely a " that's great" wedding (the bride will know) :P... So in order to keep it that way... both of them have requested to be anonymous.... n not post any images of them... hmm... not a problem at all.... :P here a little teaser... perhaps the only image.. that i gonna post from this lovely couple wedding... :)


It is also a pleasure to work with the guys from Simplemotion... Samuel n George... n here a photo of both of them... i'm totally impressed with their equipment (Ya.. i'm gonna buy the video light)... :P

This image of sam reminds me of the phrase "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"... both practicing their own craft... n they are pretty good at it... :)

PS: M&A - Thanks for sharing your joy with me... you guys hv been "That's Great".. :P
Sam - Thanks for poisoning me with your video light :P... and ya will send you the pic... really nice meeting you guys... cheers :)

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