Friday, January 13, 2012

A day of sharing...

The first assignment was given to us and already I am facing some tough challenges. It's about documenting, with a single image of "People at Work" and we were given some strict guidelines to conform to. A big change in my normal workflow and as a wedding photographer, I never had problem gaining access to my subjects. So being new to the country and having to source for contacts and getting permission to shoot is a bit of a tricky situation. Though, I have some ideas in mind, let's just hope that it will turn out well. *Finger Crossed*

Yesterday, we had an amazing day of portfolio introduction with photographers sharing their work and experiences. And there are some really impressive images coming from the class. It is really an eye opener for someone who are so conformed to the Singapore system, and it really does awaken my creative platelets.

A cosy and relax setting in the lecture theater for our sharing session.

Lucas, an Argentinian who has been working for the American Press, sharing his past project.

and of course, my first interviewee, Mary, from London, showing some of her work.

(All photographs taken with Ricoh GRD IV)

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