Friday, January 6, 2012

Our adventure begins...

Since photojournalism is about documenting life and it's happening, i shall kick start it with a little photo diary of my own, a documentation of my journey as a photojournalist and the adventure of a Singaporean living aboard. It's not going to be all weddings from now on!! :)

Here the latest of what's goes on. The 3rd member of our family has arrived!!

This is where all pets traveling abroad are collected in London. It's located somewhere near Heathrow Terminal 4.

It's all about the paperwork.

Unfortunately, Evo, our Jack Russell, arrived on the busiest day in the Animal Reception Centre history. Hundreds of cats & dogs were waiting to be processed on this very day. Discovery Channel were also there doing a documentary about animals traveling aboard.

Hundreds of anxious pet owners awaiting the arrival of their cats & pooches. We waited for more than 5 hours before our name are called.

And finally Evo arrived in London. Despite the hectic schedule of having to clear the hundreds of animals, the staff at the centre took really good care of them. Evo was fed and even bathed before he is handed over to us.

A long way from home...

(All photographs taken with Ricoh GRD IV)

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Great Pictures... =D